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Ozone Magazine's Eric Perrin has an interview with Diddy, talking about "Last Train to Paris," Ciroc and more.

Youíve been going hard with the Ciroc promotions lately and it seems to be a very successful endeavor. Of course, there were a number of artists before you that tried to promote various brands of their own liquor, but none have really succeeded. What were you able to differently with Ciroc?

I think itís really in the product of Ciroc. I mean, Ciroc is the star. Itís just a great, quality product. You can make people try something once, but to keep people continually coming back, it has to be the product. And we goní really take over the game once we drop these different flavors, because weíve done something thatís never been done in the industry, which was to produce some great tasting flavors, in raspberry and coconut. Once we get all of these things on the shelves I feel weíre really gonna take off.