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Bad Boy A&R head Daniel "Skid" Mitchell recently appeared on The Syndicate for an interview ranging from Bad Boy label issues to relationships. We'll focus on the Bad Boy aspects.

He was asked the old lazy standby question about past Bad Boy artists and how many of them did not release an album or achieve a large measure of success. I thought he handled it well, his answers mirroring things I've said here at Bad Boy Blog many times. In summation, Diddy gives people an opportunity and he'll be loyal to you, but to be successful, you have to work. There are many reasons artists are not successful or they get shelved and it happens at other labels.

He was also asked about the Bad Boy/Atlantic situation and he said that Bad Boy is "loosely related to some of the artists that were on the previous situation." He specifically named the Janelle Monae and Day26 projects and said "that's mostly it for what we're doing over there."

Regarding Black Rob, Mitchell said that both sides are talking back and forth and that Rob was at Daddy's House, the Bad Boy-owned recording studio, the second day he was out of prison.

Other Bad Boy/Atlantic artists whose status remain unclear include Aasim, Big Gee, Boyz N Da Hood, Cheri Dennis, Dawn Richard (no one has actually confirmed that she as a solo artist made the move to Bad Boy/Interscope), Donnie Klang (still waiting for confirmation that he's officially off the label, as he said last week), Gorilla Zoe, Jordan McCoy, Marina Chello, Mario Winans, Ness and Shannon. It's also not clear who Liz Davis signed with, after she was declared the winner on "P. Diddy's StarMaker."

Judging from the recent Bad Boy-focused episode of MTV's "Sucker Free", it appears that Aasim is still part of the mix. Artists who are confirmed to be on Bad Boy/Interscope are Diddy/Dirty Money, Cassie, Red Cafe and Jeremy Greene.

Check out the full interview below: