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After the Diddybeats launch event in New York, Diddy took to the streets and Rap Radar followed. They asked him about the status of Black Rob, who recently told BET that he was no longer on Bad Boy. Check out the clip below. Essentially, the exchange went like this:

Have you spoken to Black Rob?

"Yeah, I spoke to Rob. Rob's doing good."

Are you going to sign him back to Bad Boy?

"We letting Rob just do what he want to do right now. He feel like coming home, he can do that. He got his freedom to do what he want to do. It's all love. We there for him, to support him."

It's hard to take from this, whether Black Rob is completely released from Bad Boy or if it's just been given the OK to go create and release music on the mixtape or indie end.

Thanks Theo.