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A new Diddy/Dirty Money website has launched at Compared to the Diddy's sites of the past, I will say that it is nice to see that it is not heavily based on Adobe Flash. It has a nice, clean look and the normal features you'd expect.

There appear to be some technical issues that need to be ironed out - certain images jump around when you move your mouse over them - but overall it's quite nice. The question is whether it'll stay updated. Bad Boy run sites of the past have had issues in that area. The fact that it has a "community" is also reason for pause, just because communities take great effort to run (you can't just put an intern on it), but the forums or communities that have been on Bad Boy owned sites have usually not been very closely managed.

However, this is effectively the first site that the company has launched since moving to Interscope, so hopefully they'll be changes for the better.