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Back in January, from the set of Dirty Money's "Angels (Remix)" music video shoot, Diddy mentioned that Rick Ross was sounding like Biggie on the record.

Rick Ross commented on the comparison in January and he was asked about it again in a new interview with Vibe.

You've obviously made an impression on people. Diddy, in particular, gave you a huge compliment earlier this year when he compared you to Biggie. Had you guys talked about that privately before he came out and told the world?
Nah. You know, we had been recording some things, but up to that point, we hadn't released nothing. Me and Diddy had just been in the studio several times, trying things out and creating some stuff. When he made the comparisons of me and Biggie, I didn't take them as me being compared to Biggie. Biggie is maybe the greatest of all-time. That wouldn't even be a fair comparison. But I sometimes try to channel the emotions Biggie had in his music and his ability to tell stories. It touched me in a certain way.

Do those comparisons put any additional pressure on you? People were just starting to really respect you as a lyricist when Diddy made them and then all of a sudden you were being compared to one of the GOATs. That has to make it a little more difficult for you to earn your respect.
Not at all, because I don't take them to heart. B.I.G. is B.I.G. That's a legend. I'm doing my own thing, but I would never play myself like that. I'm the boss and I do my own thing.