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In addition to the standard retail version, there is also an iTunes LP version of Janelle Monae's "The ArchAndroid," available for sale on iTunes for $12.99.

For those who don't know, iTunes LP is iTunes' relatively new format aimed at providing a richer visual experience, akin to vinyl records and the enhanced artwork that they often had, over the CD format. "The ArchAndroid" is 1 of only 40 releases to take advantage of it.

When you first view the iTunes LP, you are greeted with the trailer for "The ArchAndroid," but with a movie-like credit sequence. After it has finished, you are presented with a portal page with a picture of Monae in the crown from the album cover. There are six menu options.

1. "Play the Album" gives you the ability to listen to the set's 18 songs as pictures of Monae, including pictures of Monae in the garb from the album artwork and pictures from behind the scenes at the music video for "Tightrope," are displayed. An "Alpha-Platinum 9000" action figure in packaging, complete with what appears to be a mini "The ArchAndroid" comic book, also appears.

2. "Watch the Videos" provides you with videos in three categories. "Music Video" is the "Tightrope" music video. "Stores Behind the Music" is a four video series of Monae and crew (Chuck Lightning, Nate "Rocket" Wonder and Roman GianArthur) and behind the story behind the overtures, "Cold War," "Tightrope" and "BabopbyeYa." The clip for "BabopbyeYa" is cut differently from the others, and appears to be incorrectly cut, as the speaker at certain times is out of frame.

The final video category is "Album & Show Trailers." This includes "The ArchAndroid" trailer and an open album credits opening for her live show.

3. "Songs" takes you to a list of songs on the album. When you click on a song, you are taken to the lyrics for that song.

4. "Photos" gives you a photo gallery - these are the photos displayed when you play the album, mentioned above.

5. "Liner" takes you to the individual song credits.

6. Finally, "Credits" takes you to Janelle Monae's thank yous.