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Back in January of 2009, reports surfaced indicating that Diddy would provide an album for then recently retired actor Joaquin Phoenix. It was suggested that the move may have been a hoax, but both Phoenix and Diddy confirmed plans to work together.

All the while, Casey Affleck was recording the journey and 24 Frames, the film has been screened for some potential buyers. 24 Frames suggests that buyers are unsure as to whether Phoenix is acting or if he is genuinely pursuing a career in music. In one scene, they say, Phoenix is attempting to convince Diddy to produce his album, but he "is not terribly interested."

MTV's Eric Ditzian refers to the film as a "mockumentary," but Affleck maintains that the film is legitimate, according to an interview with ABC News Now's "Popcorn With Peter Travers."

Via Elizabeth Snead and Daemon's Movies.