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April Fools' Day is almost over, so it's time for us to come clean. The report earlier today about the "Hello Good Morning" remixes is just a joke, in honor of the day. There is absolutely not truth to it; it is completely a prank.

There will be no "Hello Good Late Morning" featuring Red Cafe, "Hello Good Early Afternoon" featuring Rick Ross, "Hello Good Late Afternoon" featuring Pharrell, "Hello Good Evening" featuring Nas or "Hello Good Night" featuring Jay-Z. Reading the titles, it sounds pretty crazy. But, it also sounds just believable enough, right? Especially when you look at the awesome single covers.

When I came up with this idea, I felt the covers would be crucial to the joke. So, I found the font that was used for "Hello Good Morning." It's Friz Quadrata Bold. Unfortunately, this is not a free font. It cost me $29, but it was that important. What can I say? I'm committed.

It was a fun idea, but then something even funnier happened. Rick Ross actually threw a verse over "Hello Good Morning" and released it. Today! No kidding. I had absolutely no advance knowledge of that, but was it ever funny. So, we played that up as part of the prank. Thank you to Mr. Ross for that.

I'd like to thank everyone who read the story for being a good sport and for understanding. I appreciate everyone who spread the word and I hope that you had a fun day. It's that one day of the year... we had to do something! All other stories that we reported today were 100% accurate and our coverage now returns to normal.

Thank you for reading Bad Boy Blog and for sharing a laugh with us.