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Speaking to Shaheem Reid of MTV News, Diddy said that he hopes for Jay-Z and Janelle Monae to appear on the upcoming Dirty Money album "Last Train to Paris." Back in October, Diddy had mentioned that Hov was "supposed to be on the album."

"Everybody that's on the album, it's not done in a regular appearance way," Diddy told Reid. "It's done in a very unique way that's authentic. And it's not about a single or selling. It doesn't have that behind it. And I think the way Wayne's on this record called 'Strobe Lights,' and it's like one of the first records that I'm really hearing him talking about love and how love has affected him. And that's the type of things that I wanted to get out of people if they were on the album. I wanted them to get out of their comfort zone and do something that was special."

Diddy also talks about how Wayne will be missed during the time he is in prison. Watch the clip below.