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As a public service, I'd like to clear something up. Diddy has not said that Rick Ross would be the "next Biggie" or anything like that. What he said was that Rick Ross was "sounding like" Biggie on the remix to Dirty Money's "Angels." That's it. "Sounding like" him on one song. It's a nice complement from the person who was most responsible for what Biggie was as an artist, besides Biggie himself. But, that's all it is.

I mention this because some folks seem to have taken this statement to be something else, like boxer Floyd Mayweather, who said this to

ďI hear lately that Puff Daddy has been saying Rick Ross is the next Biggie Smalls. Thatís not true," Mayweather told "Heís a good artist but heís not the next Biggie Smalls. Thereís only one Biggie and thereís only one Pac. The thing is this, rap is story telling. Itís not true. If somebody had those many guns, done that much killing or sold that much work or hustled that much, of course they would be in prison."

So, I hope we're all clear now on what Diddy said. Thank you.