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During a recent club appearance, Diddy said that if you weren't drinking Ciroc, you were drinking "pee pee." Diddy himself drinks more than just Ciroc, so of course, this was a marketing stunt. Reports indicate he said it in a club in New York, but I know he said it in a club in Miami. So, maybe he's said it more than once.

Anyway, this marketing stunt has begotten another marketing stunt. Martin Silver, who owns vodka brand Georgi Argent, put out a press release demanding an apology and promising to deliver a toilet full of Ciroc to Diddy's office and he followed through, according to reports by the New York Daily News and My Fox New York.

Honestly, it didn't seem like it got all that much attention as far as people actually showing up (see the clip below), but it's been successful because it was picked up by many outlets online (and probably offline) and put the brand in front of people who hadn't heard of it (like myself, a non-drinker) and there is always a segment of people who dislike a celebrity or public figure, so the stunt will resonate with those folks, as well.

Pretty funny that protesting Ciroc actually involves buying more Ciroc. But, that's the point, I think. At the end of the day, this will likely lead to more sales for both vodka brands. The chances of Diddy apologizing for such an off-hand statement are probably between slim and none, but Mr. Silver likely knows that and doesn't even want an apology. It's a show; it's entertainment. It's marketing.