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Referring to it as "our lyric book for 'Last Train to Paris,'" a message on Diddy's Twitter page shared At the URL, you're provided with a downloadable "Last Train to Paris" lyric book. Here are the tracks listed:

"Strobe Lights"
"If You Wanna Go (5th Ave.)"
"My Heart"
"On -N- On -N- On"
"Playing God"
"Private Entertainer"
"Roller Coaster"
"Show Em How to Move (Love Come Down)"
"Someone to Love Me"

"Change" was the track that The Dream called "the best male record I've written" in February.

"My Heart" was produced by Deric "D-Dot" Angelettie, as we reported in June.

FInally, if you happened to visit when it first launched, you hear a very small portion of "Lifted." Specifically, "call me Mr. Diddy."

This shouldn't be taken as a track listing as that wasn't suggested or confirmed. Note that "Angels" is not even included. Also, in some cases, these may not be the full, final lyrics for the songs. For example, Diddy's rap verses are not included in the lyrics for "Show Em How to Move (Love Come Down)."