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Over on the redcafetv YouTube channel, a video was posted featuring Diddy, Red Cafe, music producers Rob Holladay and Damon Thomas and others in a private jet on their way to Las Vegas for the last Saturday's boxing match between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Juan Manuel Marquez.

The video features two potentially newsworthy, though unverified bits of information. First, Diddy refers to Holladay as the "newest member of The Hitmen." Holladay produced Dirty Money's "Love Come Down" and "half" of the "Last Train to Paris" album, according to Diddy. Technically, members of The Hitmen are signed to Bad Boy as producer management - however, it has been used previously to refer to producers who were not signed to Bad Boy. I'm attempting to confirm this story with Holladay on Twitter.

During the video, Diddy introduces Damon Thomas, formerly of The Underdogs. When Diddy urges Thomas to tell the camera about his label, Thomas says "the new label's The Pentagon. I'm doing it with Interscope and Puff." Diddy then says that he's been trying to work with Thomas "for years, years."

"So, everything's coming up full circle right now," Diddy continues. "Very, very, very happy- this guy's a beast." It sure sounds like they're working together. And the mention of Interscope will only fuel rumor that Diddy is taking Bad Boy over there, as well.