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TMZ reports that Bad Boy Records, Atlantic Records and Christian "Davis" Stalnecker have been accused of copyright infringement and breach of contract by a singer named Kirby Shields for the Day26 song "Just Getting Started," which appeared on their April release, "Forever in a Day."

Stalnecker is the producer of the track (interestingly, Willie Taylor of Day26 received co-producer credit in the album notes) and Shields says that he signed a contract with Stalnecker to exclusively producer tracks for his own album, one of which was called "I'm Just Getting Started." If these allegations prove to be true, and judgment has to be reserved at this time, it would seem like the responsibility would rest with Stalnecker, for providing the group with a track he didn't have the right to sell them.

"The facts that we have confirmed indicate that Bad Boy Records/Atlantic Records may not have been aware of the Agreement [between Stalnecker and Shields] and may not have intentionally used the Song without authorization," the letter from Shields' counsel reads. At this stage, no lawsuit appears to have been filed and they are making all parties aware of the perceived infringement, seeking to open discussions with the parties - Bad Boy, Atlantic and Stalnecker.