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In an interview with MTV News, T-Pain talked a little bit about Diddy/Dirty Money's upcoming "Last Train to Paris" album, revealing that he's written 12 songs for it. This includes "Let's Play a Game," which uses old board games as metaphors for a relationship. According to the singer, he's mainly contributing ideas and concepts.

Interestingly, in the clip below, he says that Diddy told him he was putting together a group of two guys (Diddy and one other) and two girls for the album. It's unclear if Pain is mistaken or heard incorrectly, but take it for what it is.

Finally, Steven Roberts, who wrote the article, says that T-Pain feels that Diddy's past experience of singing hooks will be of use Diddy on this singing driven album. "Auto-Tune will help that out a little bit, but I just told him to put some more into it," he said to Roberts. "But he's pretty good [at singing] actually, which is weird."