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Vitalize Ent has an interview with Dawn Richard.

BB: For all the aspiring artists out there, I’m not going to ask you the typical question of what advice you would give them. Instead, what do you think your biggest mistake was so far and how would you have handled it differently?

Dawn: No mistakes. I don’t think there was a big mistake. I think everything was planned that way. And I’m serious. Even if it was a bad mistake, it was planned for me to learn about that awful mistake. I never said “I want to take that back” or “I shouldn’t have done that”. I was probably just dumb in that moment and it was meant to be done for me to learn my lesson. *LOL* I don’t even know if there’s a big mistake that I shouldn’t have made. I know I shouldn’t have put those leggings on that I did yesterday! That was a mistake! But – my weave on Making the Band in the beginning when Katrina happened was a mistake! That blonde was a mistake. That’s a mistake right there *LOL* I wish I could take that back. I wish knew Pro Activ before the first season!