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Let's go back in time some. In January of 2008, we reported that a proposed remake of "Party All the Time" by Fat Joe had been scrapped. The rapper's fresh stab at the Eddie Murphy hit was set to feature Diddy, who was to sing on Joe's album. And that was that.

Well, imagine my surprise when, during random surfing, I discovered that Diddy had actually contributed to a "Party All the Time" remake. Releasing on March 31 of this year, "PATT" (also labeled was "Patt with Diddy") is a reimagining of the Murphy track by Sharam, one half of the DJ duo Deep Dish, who produced a remix of Diddy's "Let's Get Ill" some years back. The 7:02 song features Diddy performing a short, spoken verse multiple times, in addition to a few other words here and there. It's a unique, catchy track. You can buy it on

Diddy does not sing on the track, so it is unclear if these were leftover vocals from the Fat Joe collaboration or if they were specifically recorded by Sharam. Regardless, it's an interesting collaboration. You can listen to the long and short versions on Sharam's MySpace.