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BET's Andreas Hale spoke with Day26's Que about the third season of Making the Band 4, one that saw the group fighting, with a majority of the fighting being related to Que's actions. Or, at least, that is the perception.

Que says that his family's safety was being threatened during filming and that led to the stress that was seen on the show. Again, he says that the editing of the show heightened and dramatized the conflict. He mentions one instance:

“When they showed me sleeping in the bed like I missed the studio? I didn’t miss the studio,” he explains. “Remember, I got jumped at Starbucks. That was a serious fight with three guys and there was blood everywhere. I had to go to the hospital and they gave me some HIV meds just in case. I was in bed sick but they edited it to make their story. I get it. But when you look like the bad guy, you can’t explain it because it’s right there (on television).”