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Tara Hall of LiveDaily has an interview with Day26.

"That was one of the songs we showed him at his house and that's one of the songs that he stood up and was dancing around to," Mosley said. "After that, he wanted to jump on the record, and then Joc heard and Joc wanted to jump on the record."

Soon, other special guests were on board, including established rappers Jermaine Dupri and T-Pain.

"T-Pain, he's killing the game right now, and JD's just a legend in the game, so just to be in his presence and recording at So So Def Studios [Dupri's label and studio] and the whole nine yards--it was just crazy chemistry. JD opened his arms up to us. T-Pain had written it for us and had already laid his part, so we didn't actually get a chance to work in the studio with T-Pain on that record, but it was hand-written for us and he definitely wanted us to do it and we did it and it came out crazy." has an audio interview, as well.