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On tonight's finale of the second part of season three of Making the Band 4, Aubrey O'Day, Dawn Richard, Shannon Bex and D. Woods all appeared together, on stage. Aundrea was not present and no reason was given for her absence.

It went pretty much as one might expect. Shannon explained that she left the group due to personal reasons. D. Woods was asked, by Sway, why the group broke up and she gave sort of a long winded explanation that amounted to it being different factors. Though, it felt as though she was placing most of the blame with people on the business end, saying that the problem began on the day they were put together because certain professional things were not in place and then because those things were not in place, the personal issues arose.

Aubrey sounded pretty similar to how she sounded on last year's season three, part one finale. She said that Making the Band 4 taught them how to fight, Puff is a great man, you have to fight for happiness and that includes forgiveness and she forgives Que. After a commercial break, though, the girls started to fight some.

Sway asked about the group breaking up and saying that he felt that no one was taking accountability. Dawn agreed, but D. Woods said that the group as the "dream team," but said that they didn't have a coach. Why mess it up, Sway asks. We didn't, D. Woods says. Dawn says that they had different agendas and D. Woods says that everyone had a part. Shannon said that if they had an answer, they would have answer it and fixed it.

Sway asked Dawn about having different agendas. Dawn said that when they were in the group, they wanted to be in Danity Kane. It wasn't just them, but a lot of people around them who were causing issues. But, they have to take accountability, she said. When they weren't happy, people started going and doing other things. Sway mentioned Aubrey doing the musical on Broadway. And Dawn repeated that, but then said it's not a bad thing and that they supported her.

It started to get a little hearted as Aubrey then made a point to say that D. Woods was the only one who supported her on "Hair Spray" and Dawn said that D. Woods was the only one to went to the musical, but that was because the group had shows to do that she (either Aubrey or D. Woods) didn't come to. She began to talk about how if a fan pays for a ticket but then... here comes Diddy, entering to "Diddy Bop."

He said that Making the Band 4 is a once in a lifetime opportunity. He doesn't know what the reasons for the break up were and he tried to get it out of the girls. He said that we should focus on the future. Shannon agreed and said that they were all appreciative of the opportunity that he gave them. Diddy said that all of the girls have bright futures ahead of them, he loves them and he's glad that he worked with them. Through the show, he aimed to give young people an opportunity and any of the other nonsense that comes up is just part of the music industry, as the girls will find out in their solo efforts.

Sway asked if there was a chance that Danity Kane could get back together, if they had their way? Aubrey said yes, if everything worked itself out. D. Woods gave a long answer about how they had accomplished a lot, how she was always supportive of Danity Kane, but that they have their own solo projects and are moving on. When mentioning solo projects, she immediately gave Dawn a shout out, which was... interesting. Sway asked her if that was a no and if so, to just say it. She continued to talk about her solo projects, saying that a lot of labels are interested in her and she wants people to be excited about what she's doing and what the girls are moving on to. Finally, they had to cut her on and give Shannon a chance.

Shannon said no, not now. Sway, interestingly, seemed to be genuinely surprised by this, saying that the girls were "breaking their hearts. Why are y'all doing this?" She did keep the door open for the future, though. She hopes that one day, all five of them can come back together. Sway said that if it were to happen, Diddy would have to green light it and Diddy said that he thinks that everybody needs a time out, but said that there would never be another Danity Kane unless it was these girls. He is going to do a new show for a new girl group and hopefully that group can appreciate it, he said, carefully saying that not that the girls from Danity Kane didn't. But he wants a girl girl that can hopefully stay together.

Dawn revealed that she was working on Diddy's album, "Last Train to Paris" with the group Dirty Money. It sounded like this was Diddy's 3 person group that PCD's Melody Thornton mentioned Dawn was a part of. Diddy said that she also has a solo project coming in the future.

D. Woods will have a solo album and some TV projects this year. Shannon is working with IM Frenzy and hinted that she might go country. Aubrey has a new musical and she said she'll have a reality show around that. Diddy joked that she better cut him in. It looked like Diddy was having fun with Aubrey at the very end, but she was off camera.

So, that brings Danity Kane to a close. For now, at least.