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From Billboard's Silvio Pietroluongo:

On Nielsen SoundScan's Building chart, released today (April 15), which reflected unweighted sales through the close of business on April 14, Day26's set is leading the way, but only by a slight margin. Industry prognosticators project the Bad Boy album to sell just south of 100,000 units. Estimates for "Unstoppable" and "Hannah Montana" are closer to 125,000. A media blitz by Rascal Flatts this week ("Ellen," "Dancing With The Stars" and "Late Show With David Letterman") and another strong box office showing for the Miley Cyrus film should keep sales of both albums steady throughout the tracking period, which ends on Sunday.

This is just a projection, though. It'd be a good number, but they could sell more or they could sell less. It seems as though they are generally being written off as far as the number one slot. Still, stranger things have happened.