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On the Arctic Monkeys YouTube channel, a video blog from Matt Helders of the Arctic Monkeys has been posted, where he discusses his time with Diddy in Miami. You might remember that Diddy tweeted that he had signed Helders to Bad Boy.

Apparently, briefly before the meet up, the group had also posted a video where they compared a recent Diddy video blog to one of theirs, where Diddy was also in a swimming pool, emerging from a similar angle. I would assume it was a joke, because neither video had terribly unique elements, but some fans took it a little too seriously, judging by the comments.

At any rate, the video below (watch below) is interspersed by footage of DIddy and Helders hanging out and having fun and, at one point, Diddy says he's going to sign the Arctic Monkeys to Bad Boy in the U.S. Diddy gives Helders a tour of his house and lets the him hold his Grammy awards. It's a fun clip.