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hustleGRL: Okay, one last question. The bad boy camp hasnít had like great success keeping groups together like example would be like Danity Kane, B5, and Dream and etcetera. What are you guys going to do different so that you donít meet the same fate?

Willie: Well you know what? At the end of the day man, I donít even know any of those situations. So itís not, itís like, itís hard. Me personally I talk to Slim and Q from 112, you know and theyíre good friends of mine, but you know as far as Danity Kane we know they story, but B5 Iíve never met, Dream Iíve never met. You know by the end of the day, I think itís about your business. You got to come the hardest. This business is 99% business and that 1% is what you ó the glist and glamor that everybody else will see you have and you know, you have to have your business task straight. You canít be around here just doing the work and not understanding where your money [is] coming from, how youíre going to get paid. It all boils down to somebody else getting paid more than you getting paid and you be like: ďI ainít really feeling that no moreĒ. You just got to get up and do your grind. You got to get your grind, you got to make sure you canít let nobody outwork you. One thing I will not do is I can not let Diddy outwork me trying to sell my product. So itís like you have to work for yourself. The internet is so powerful right now. Itís like the world is in your living room when you on the web and itís like you can talk to so many people. Thatís why we Twitter, thatís why we YouTube, thatís why we MySpace, thatís why we Facebook. Thatís why we try to do everything that we can do in our power that can make our fans feel so connected to us that they feel like an obligation, like itís like family. Just like they follow me, I follow them. It makes it more of a ó not such a ĎIím up here, you down hereí type thing, you know what I mean. And weíre all equal. Itís my job, Iím making great music, you support me because you love my great music. And the more people you touch like that, you know, the greater your success will be. You know, I just be sitting here brainstorming the majority of the time like: ďMan if I can get 3 to 4 million followersĒ, you know what Iím saying; what would that be like to have that many people following you and wanting to know your every move? At a marketing stand point, thatís so much, you can do so much, you know what Iím saying. You wouldnít even need, realistically, you wouldnít even really need a label if you had it like that. If you had so many people who were attached to you, then you can sell a t-shirt. You can probably get 1 million people to buy your t-shirt if you got 4 million followers. So itís more like a business and I think thatís what Day26 is bringing that a lot of the other groups probably didnít have in their head. They probably thought it was more so like: ďHere, we work for Diddy and he knows what heís doing and let him do thatĒ. At the end of the day, Diddy is an artist too so Diddy got to do what Diddy has to do for Diddy too, you know what I mean. So I think Day26 is going to be around for a long time because we went and got our business straight. We know exactly where our dollars are going, we pay our taxes, we do what we need to do to hold on to our success.

That's a good answer.