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April Fools! Jordan McCoy is not joining Boyz N Da Hood, as we had reported and "The Last Train" is not Diddy's new single.

Jordan McCoy and her manager, Debbie Hammond, were in on the joke. Basically, what happened was that I was brainstorming for ideas, I had been thinking of fun story ideas that I could write about. One of them was "Exclusive: Sources: Jordan McCoy Joins Boyz N Da Hood, Replacing Gorilla Zoe."

So, really, what I was going for here was some Onion style humor. Something that is rather obviously absurd, but written in a serious, believable manner. Jordan and Debbie are friends of Bad Boy Blog, so I decided to see if we could make it bigger by involving them.

We didn't have a lot of time, but we pulled something together. First, I posted my report late on March 31. Then, in the afternoon on April 1, her MySpace layout was updated to include "The Newest Member of Boyz N Da Hood!" in the header. It's changed now, but here is what it looked like:

She blogged about it on MySpace and and tweeted about it. I then wrote a post, announcing her confirmation of my report.

As an aside, the part about Gorilla Zoe leaving was also part of the joke. There isn't any truth to that.

So, we collaborated to pull off a pretty good joke and hopefully gave you a laugh.

The other joke we did was to supposedly post a new single from Diddy called "The Last Train" featuring Dawn Richard and Aundrea Fimbres of Danity Kane, as well as T-Pain. While it sounded very believable, anyone who clicked the audio player link in the post was taken to a page announcing the prank.

I hope that everyone took these in the good humor they were intended. Thanks for having fun with it - I hope that you had a great April Fools' Day!