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Last night and into the early morning, between Twitter and YouTube, Diddy posted a series of 5 videos called "P Twitty TV." The videos show Diddy at Daddy's House, working on his album and talking about random subjects. The 5 episodes are below and I recommend watching them. I did want to highlight a few music related things that were mentioned in the videos, though.

Diddy is shown in the studio with the Soul Diggaz, Sean C and Dawn Richard of Danity Kane. Just because they were there doesn't mean they were working, though, so take it for what it is.

At one point, Diddy steps into a room where they are playing a track that he says is a new one from Ron Browz that he is getting on. Aasim is in the room, sitting over a pad and pen, possibly writing for the track.

Right after that, he heads into another room where Cassie is recording and a text caption comes on the screen, saying that her album will be released in July.