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Check out the new, official Day26 official bio below. There are some details about "Forever in a Day," their upcoming sophomore album, included.

Some might say they’ve got it all. Club bangers and ballads. Screaming fans. The unmatched expertise of their mentor, P.Diddy. This time, however, they’ve also got the opportunity to show how they’ve grown personally and artistically since last year’s release of their chart-topping debut, the biggest #1 entry for any male group in Soundscan history. As Making the Band’s superstar group Day26 prepare to release their new album Forever in a Day, one thing is clear: It’s a brand new day.

Their story is already well-known to their fans, millions of whom tune in every Thursday night to watch it unfold on MTV’s Making the Band. When he put out the call for vocalists in January of 2007, P.Diddy was looking for talented newcomers with superstar potential and a tireless work ethic. What he got when Robert, Will, Brian, Qwanell (Que), and Mike were finally selected in the blockbuster finale on August 26, 2007—the date that inspired the group’s name—was more than he, or the fans, could have ever anticipated.

As the guys struggled with realizing their dreams amidst breakups, hookups and fights that shook the home they shared with MTB’s Danity Kane and Donnie, their fans have gained unprecedented access to the highs and lows of fame. “It’s definitely a blessing and a curse at the same time,” laughs Brian. “The fans actually get to see who Day26 is as individuals and how we mesh together.” It’s a process that has only strengthened them as a group, and helped evolve the sound on Forever and a Day.

“It’s such a blessing how we can grow and get tighter as a group.” Says Que. “Even though we might argue, we learn from it. It makes us tighter. We’re more of a family now.” With the added sense of group solidarity ushering in their sophomore effort, Day26 has also evolved through the recording process. “We’ve been a lot more hands-on with the process of this album,” says Mike.

“Forever in a Day was a collective effort,” adds Will, “The first album was mostly us proving we could sing, and I like to think of the second album as us making great music in general.” Collaborating with producers including Blaze, Bryan-Michael Cox and Jazze Pha, the guys have worked their personal experiences into the songwriting. “Perfectly Blind” was written by Qwanell in response to familial and financial pressures he dealt with very publicly on the show. Robert wrote “Truth is a Lie” about his experience of coming into the limelight under the watchful gaze of MTV cameras. “It’s about how I just want to be who I am, and how we try to keep it honest with our fans.”

Even with the thoughtful lyrics and serious issues they explore on Forever in a Day, Day26 wants to make one thing clear: “We attack the club on this one!” laughs Robert. While maintaining an emphasis on moving vocals, Day26 has expanded the sound with undeniable club bangers. Their first single, “Imma Put It on Her” featuring P.Diddy and Young Joc, perfectly illustrates the group’s new emphasis on dancefloor domination. Jermaine Dupri and T-Pain also lend their talents to the album.

As their story, and sound, continues to evolve, Day26 is still at heart a group of five guys with a dream. As Brian says, “We’re from five different cities, we have five different ways, and it’s definitely tested us.” At the end of the day, however, “we’re like brothers.”

KNOWN AS “the baby of the group.”
FAVORITE TRACK “Perfectly Blind”

KNOWN AS “the one with the temper.”
INFLUENCES K-Ci Hailey, Sisquo, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson
FAVORITE TRACK “‘Your Heels’, because it’s so high energy. It’s really different for Day26.”

KNOWN AS “I’m one of the oldest, so I bring knowledge and know-how.”
INFLUENCES The Temptations, Jagged Edge, Stevie Wonder, 112, Brandy
FAVORITE TRACK “‘Imma Put It On Her’— It’s just an upbeat club track. It shows where we’re going with the sound.”

KNOWN AS “the mediator”
INFLUENCES Stevie Wonder, Boys II Men, Jodeci, Ginuwine
FAVORITE TRACK “Bipolar” and “Perfectly Blind”

KNOWN AS “the rebel”
INFLUENCES The Clark Sisters, Usher, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder
FAVORITE TRACK “Truth is a Lie”