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In an interview with, Jadakiss revealed that he was about to get on a track from Cassie and that he's being sponsored by Ciroc. He also talked about the Bad Boy situation and advice that he received from Biggie. Recently you were on a radio station saying how you can now appreciate getting "Diddy Bopped" by Puffy back in the day. Explain that.

Jadakiss: A lot of people think itís a lot of bitterness with the whole Bad Boy situation. We [The LOX] were young kids that were anxious to get in the game. In return we signed some contracts that weren't beneficial to us but we canít have a gripe with Puff Daddy for the rest of our lives because it was business. It was our responsibility to know that we signed a wrong contract. He probably respects us even more for even finding out [we had a bad contract]. Thatís how the Ciroc endorsement deal is in place. You learn as you grow.

"Diddy Bopped?" Wow. Nice question, Ms. Rhone.

Anyway, check out the full interview for the rest.

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