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In an intervie with MTV, the Pussycat Dolls briefly commented on Danity Kane's split.

"We are sisters," PCD's Ashley Roberts said. "And there's moments where no matter who you are, you're going through personal things, as well as things in your career, and so sometimes your head's not in the right place or you're emotional about something, and we have times where we're going through stuff, as every human being does, but we try to not take it personally and to communicate. And about Danity Kane, it's a sad thing that they did fall apart. We had been on tour with them, with Christina [Aguilera in 2007, on her Back to Basics tour], and we got to know each one of them, and we wish them each their own success. I know Dawn [Richard] and Aundrea [Fimbres] are getting together, and so power to them."