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From's interview with Royce da 5'9":

DJ Booth: A lot of my coworkers begged me to ask you who you are ghostwriting for these days.

Royce: Iím writing for Diddy right now, thatís pretty much it. Iím so involved with my project, the Slaughterhouse project, that I donít have much free time to do side stuff. And I donít even consider Diddyís project side stuff, I consider that something thatís gotta get done. Iím officially a go-to guy for him; whenever he calls me, I stop what Iím doing, even if Iíve gotta work Ďem at the same time and just get Ďem done.

DJ Booth: When he sends you a check, does he include Sean John clothing and some cologne?

Royce: Yeah, he sends me everything Ė he sends me some Sean John clothing, Sean John cologne. He sent me a million-dollar check yesterday that I just got. Iíll probably buy you something for Christmasówhat do you want?

As I have before, I must note that it's not ghostwriting if you're credited in the album booklet.