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Alex Gonzalez of Desi Hits! has an interview with Day26, where they talk about their upcoming album, working with Diddy and more.

DH!: Another thing I liked was that you put out the single, then you put out the album. Who's behind what single gets chosen, you know who has input on that?

Brian: Usually it's the label that makes those decisions. This time around, we had a bit more of a hand in the single selection. We record songs all the time and if we've felt like we found a single, we present it to Diddy. He had our backs. Everyone comes together and brainstorms and comes up with the best choice. It's definitely more of a group decision amongst everyone this time around.

In another portion of the interview, Que mentions that they worked with Babyface, Pentagon, Ne-Yo, Heavy Hitters, Jazze Pha and Bryan-Michael Cox, all in a production capacity, on the album.