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Following up previous reports, Katey Rich of shares her experience interview Joaquin Phoenix, who is currently on a promotional tour for the film, "Two Lovers."

... we indulged him in his desire to talk about rapping, and maybe because of that, we got more out of him than Letterman did. He was talkative, almost friendly, admitting he's planning to collaborate with Diddy and talking about his plans for dance songs, even "sexy songs," on his rap album. He mentioned how much he hates promoting films, which we had pretty much guessed, but also trashed acting in general, saying that talking about your emotional connection to your character is just something you say "when you're trying to get nominated."

The article goes on to detail Casey Affleck's insistence that Phoenix is genuine. Affleck, Phoenix's brother-in-law, is filming him as part of a documentary on the actor's transition into music.