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During an interview with Kendra G of Philadelphia's 100.3 The Beat (watch below) radio station, Diddy addressed reports that Day26 would be leaving Bad Boy and would be Atlantic Records exclusively. I say reports because that is what they were; not rumors.

"I don't know why that's on the blogs like that," Diddy said when asked if Day26 was off of Bad Boy. "I still have my label deal over at Atlantic. I didn't sell my label. I still have my artists that are over there. From Day26 to Janelle Monae, etc."

"[They are still] part of Bad Boy," he continued. "The Bad Boy imprint will be on there. Unless, Day26 could wake up and say 'we just want the label to say Atlantic.' And that would be cool with me. But, right now, it's Bad Boy and Atlantic. I'm there for them, I'm not abandoning any of the artists over there. I been hearing that a lot on the blogs, but I really don't pay attention to the blogs. I've been hearing it enough to address it; it's not true. I got a great working relationship with Atlantic and we gonna continue we had there; just my future endeavors is gonna be with Jimmy Iovine and Interscope."

I'm planning to write more about this in the future, but it's not "the blogs." Members of the group suggested this was the case and a spokesperson for the group told MTV News that they were in the process of leaving Bad Boy. Statements like this are disrespectful to the work that is done here at Bad Boy Blog and the work that other responsible writers do on their blogs. Blogging is a medium; not a style. I wonder if Diddy lumps all rappers into the same category. And if not, what does he think when other people do it? Just curious.

Thanks Theo for the tip.