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In interviews with MTV News and Music Mix, Ke$ha talks about how Diddy ended up saying a few words during the opening of her hit "Tik Tok," which is currently #3 on The Billboard Hot 100, the top 100 songs in the country in any genre. She opens the track by saying "Wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy." From Music Mix:

EW: What inspired the Diddy reference ["Wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy"] in “TiK ToK”?

K: I used to live in this sort-of castle in Laurel Canyon. I woke up one morning surrounded by all of my hot babe friends because they had all crashed after a night out. And I woke up surrounded by babes—it was a total babe-fest—and I thought, “This must be what Diddy feels like every morning.” That was the first line of the song, and I took it in and Dr. Luke liked it.

She told MTV that four hours later, Diddy called Dr. Luke and said that he and Ke$ha should do a song together. Somewhere after that, Diddy agreed to come over and say a few words for her. After the aforementioned line, he says "Hey, what up girl?" and then shortly after that he says "Let's go." That's all from Diddy, but it's a fun little addition to the track. Check out the music video for it below.