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In September, on "The Ed Lover Show", Diddy mentioned that he had talked with former Bad Boy artist Shyne, who is in the process of being released from prison. This month, Diddy mentioned that he "looked forward to this day."

Well, Shyne has released a statement to Rolling Stone and he says he never talked to Diddy. Here is the statement:

"I want it known that this supposed conversation is a figment of Sean Combsí imagination. He never spoke with me, he never visited me nor would I ever accept a phone call or visit from him. The only way I would do either of those things would be if he stepped up and did the right thing for the victims of the incident."

This sounds like it's going to end well. I don't know why Diddy would make up such a conversation, knowing full well Shyne will just refute it. It doesn't really make sense. But, it's he said/he said. There has always been a lot of people talking about the Diddy/Shyne club incident that seem to know extremely little about it and have all of these ideas in their mind about how it must have gone down. That is only going to get worse.

Shyne shot a gun in a club, someone got hurt and he paid a debt to society. Fair or not, that's life. That isn't going to change and it's done with. He feels a certain way about Diddy and how Diddy defended himself, perhaps justified, perhaps not, and he's expressed that. But, when he does become a free man, I hope he takes it as an opportunity to move forward and create a better life.