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Check out the video below for a video blog from Diddy featuring D-Roc, a good friend of Biggie's who was recently released from prison.

Diddy speaks on Lil' Kim's displeasure with her portrayal in "Notorious." Basically, he says that there is more to Kim than what was shown in the movie.

"Don't believe what you saw in the movie," he said. "It wasn't just about that. She was with us. That was our queen, she'll always be the queen. She got every right to feel that way."

Toward the end of the video, Diddy and D-Roc riff on people who are making things up, without elaborating. "Let me tell you something," D-Roc said, gesturing toward Diddy. "This man right here don't owe nobody nothing."

"I owe my fans everything, man," Diddy added. "I love y'all, I appreciate y'all."

"That's right," D-Roc agreed. "That's the only people he owe."

I think this ranks as one of my favorite Diddy blogs. Good to see.