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As a follow up to the excerpt they released earlier this month, you can now read's full interview with Black Rob. In it, B.R. explains how he is still loyal to Bad Boy and cool with Diddy, though he is unsure of his situation. Once he gets out, he says he'll figure out what is going on at Bad Boy, but either way, he plans to get back to recording.

Rob has issues to work out, though. In the interview, he admits to being addicted to the adrenaline caused by "robbing people, or getting on the mic doing it or fighting somebody," calling it "better than any drug I ever had." Very scary. Damaging to his career, but more importantly, to his freedom. The interview closes with:

XXL: Are you still on Bad Boy?

BR: Man I have no idea. I havenít heard from these dudes, they mightíve took me off the Bad Boy website or whatever but I havenít heard from anyone telling me what the deal is. So until I get a piece of paper saying that Iím no longer a Bad Boy artist, Iím still reppiní that flag. Iím a team player man. We talking about the streets and how we do in the streets, if I got a problem with you fam Iíma come to you and tell you I got a problem with you. Iím not gonna go to the [media], Iím not gonna go to Summer Jam and bug out [Note from Patrick: Back during the first dispute between The Lox and Diddy, one of the heights of tension was when The Lox performed at Summer Jam in their "Let The Lox Go" t-shirts.], Iíma handle it on a street level. ďAyo Puff let me holla at you.Ē Iím not gonna do the other thing. Iím on Bad Boy. I can be number two, Iím not trying to be the king; at the end of the day the king gets the throne.

XXL: Whatís the plan when you get out?

BR: Alright. Me personally, from the horses mouth, this is the last run for me. I have to stay focused and Iím gonna. Now when I couple my experiences of being in the game and its pitfalls, I donít wanna come back to prison, itís a wrap. I got the right people behind me, the people who got love for Rob Ross, f*** Black Rob the artist, I got love for Rob Ross. They gonna push me to my full potential and put the machine behind me, something that the labels donít do. I just need to get home and see whatís really goin on at Bad Boy. There are a lot of labels that I know is gonna grab me.

The problem is, it's hard to believe him at this point. Don't get me wrong, I like Rob a lot, as an artist and I like how he handled himself in this interview, but can you really invest money behind him into a new project? If Bad Boy does it, I'll be right in line to buy the album, but if they don't... you can't blame them. It's sad, but Rob is kind of ill right now. I hope he gets better and gets back on track.

Via Benjamin Chesna.