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On May 1, we reported on Diddy's party ("Diddy's Den") at the opening celebration of the MGM Grand at Foxwoods in Meshantucket, CT.

The Hartford Courant has an interview with Barton G. Weiss, a party planner who will be putting the event together.

Q: Will there be any of your famous nitrogen martinis, macaws, feathers or Asian duck-filled pancakes?

A: Well, there will be no nitrogen martinis, and as far as the pancakes, I'm not in charge of the food, just the visual. Our main area will be the ballroom, and we will be transforming that into " P. Diddy's Den," the ultimate lounge for the after-party he will be attending. It will be done in gold and plum and teals, fun yet not outlandish. I want to create a most memorable evening so that people will always remember the opening of Diddy's Den.