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On the B5 forums, the group's manager, Jim McMahan, announced that they are now offering personalized video messages (along with autographed items) for a fee, ranging from $50 (video message from one member of B5 plus an autographed picture from that member, personalized) to $200 (video message from all members of B5 and both members of Myxx, another act managed by McMahan's JAMM Entertainment, a phone call from both members of Myxx and some members of B5 and a personal item from a B5 member, autographed by that member).

Personally, I think this is a cool idea because it offers something I can see people wanting and offers it at an affordable price. B5 is in an interesting position in that they do have a number of fans, but not the fanbase of a major act. So, they can do something like this at an affordable rate and not have it become overwhelming. It allows them to generate extra revenue in a unique way while giving fans a unique gift experience.