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The Voice Online has an interview with Elephant Man.

So when a rumour emerged last year that Ele had got into fisticuffs with his new Bad Boy boss, people could only imagine what kind of drama had ensued between the pair. But as it turned out, the rumour was completely false.

“That was nothing more than people going on the Internet to spread lies and rumours,” Ele said. “Me and Puffy are good. Sometimes people have nothing better to do than to player-hate. But I just wanna let the fans know that nothing like that happened.”

“How am I gonna sign to a major company like Bad Boy and go and beat up Puffy? Reggae music doesn’t need any more bad press. As artists, we need to do our best to keep the music positive and that’s what I’m trying to do. Reggae gets such a fight as it is, and I’m not gonna be the one to bring it down, by being so dunce and fool that I would go and screw up a great opportunity.”