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MTV News' Shaheem Reid reveals the track listing to the soundtrack for "Notorious," according to Bad Boy. Here it is:

1. "Notorious Thugs" (featuring Bone Thugs-N-Harmony)
2. "Hypnotize"
3. "Notorious"
4. "Juicy"
5. "Party & Bullsh--"
6. "Warning"
7. "One More Chance" remix (featuring Faith Evans)
8. "Brooklyn Go Hard" (Jay-Z featuring Santogold)
9. "Letter to B.I.G." (Jadakiss featuring Faith Evans)
10. "Kick in the Door"
11. "What's Beef"
12. "World Is Filled"
13. "One More Chance" (featuring CJ)
14. "The Notorious Theme" (composed by Danny Elfman)
15. "Microphone Murderer" (previously unreleased demo)
16. "Guaranteed Raw" (previously unreleased demo)
17. "Love No Ho" (previously unreleased demo)

This seems like a nice assortment of tracks from various points in Biggie's career. But, let's talk about the good stuff - the new stuff.

"Brooklyn Go Hard" is the first single, as we reported. It was produced by Kanye West.

"Letter to B.I.G." is a song that we reported on back in March. It was intended for Jadakiss' "Last Kiss" album, according to MTV. The song is basically Jadakiss talking to Biggie about what has transpired since he died.

Just yesterday, we reported that a new version of "One More Chance" will find Biggie's son C.J. rapping along with his father. This is according to a "source close to the Wallace family" that spoke with MTV.

"The Notorious Theme" will be the score for the film crafted by Danny Elfman. It will, most likely, have no vocals.

Finally, let's get to the best part. The demo. In Cheo Hodari Coker's "Unbelievable," Biggie's original demo is said to have three tracks. They are "Blind Alley Freestyle," "Guaranteed Raw" and "Don't Love No Ho." For all intensive purposes, "Microphone Murderer" is simply "Blind Alley Freestyle" renamed. In a track that was previously released online, and is said to be the "Blind Alley Freestyle," Biggie begins with "Microphone murderer, mass mayhem maker..." While the veracity of the track isn't 100% clear, it also seems to point to the track being renamed.

Nonetheless, in the interest of having that confirmed, I have reached out to Mr. Barrow for comment. Hopefully, I'll have more later.

Update: Mr. Barrow was kind enough to return my message, confirming that the two tracks are one in the very same. So, it looks like we're getting the real deal demo here. I can't wait to get my hands on this soundtrack.