Check out our Bad Boy Records section for more posts about Bad Boy Records. has an interview with Slim of 112, where the singer discusses what he learned from Diddy, his relationship with the mogul, Day26 and more.

SR: So are you still good with Diddy?
Slim: Yeah, that's my boy, that's my homie, me and Diddy we're cool and its great to hear him say he was proud of me and he sees the moves I was making, he was extremely proud of me on that one. I told him I learned from one of the best. Being around him I wasn't just an artist going through the motions, I was actually paying attention to the business aspects. I'm still learning but one day I would love to be in his position and be where he is right now but the only way I can get there is to take calculated risks and believe in myself. Sometimes people will think I'm crazy, but when I'm making positive steps that's all that matters. My label M3 I'm running it through Asylum, great partnership, everybody believes in the movement and you're seeing proven results. "So Fly" the first record I dropped is top 10 in the nation. "Good Loving" record was the number one most added record the week it was added. I'm going to continue to drop new music not just from myself but from other artists and we'll keep doing this.