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According to Gorilla Zoe's MySpace, he has a new mixtape out with DJ Holiday called "Feeding Time." There is a download link on his blog, but it is not working at the moment. Here is the cover of the mixtape:

Here is the track listing, as reported by's Gyant:

1. "Block Intro"
2. "Feeding Time"
3. "Hood Rich"
4. "Zoe Talk"
5. "Too Much"
6. "Broom" featuring Gucci Mane and DJ Holiday
7. "Day In" featuring Rick Ross
8. "Freestyle"
9. "Zoe Talk"
10. "Oh No!"
11. "Freestyle" featuring Jody Breeze
12. "Freestyle" featuring Jody Breeze
13. "Roolin On A Bean" featuring Yung Chris and Hustle Boy
14. "Free Falling"
15. "Zoe Talk"
16. "Freestyle"
17. "Run It Back"
18. "Made Me A Gangsta"
19. "Lost" featuring Lil' Wayne
20. "Make Me Laugh"