Check out our Ness section for more posts about Ness. has an interview with Ness. Do you think your appearance on ďMaking Da BandĒ best prepared you for a career in the music industry?

E. Ness: Yeah man, because it was a lot of hard work, determination, and you gotta believe. I had to sound like Iím preaching, but itís really what you make of yourself man. Go read the 48 Laws of Power man, you really gotta do your reading and do your thing. Your really gotta dig in the bag and do your homework. You gotta be a hustler, the system donít really want you to get that paper so I got my hands in everything.

Iím actually reading a script to do the Larry Davis story, so shout out to that. Iím doing the acting, Iím just doing everything man. Shout out to Exponent, and everybody signed and unsigned. Shout out to Gillie, Peedi Crakk, Freeway, Hollow Man, Chic Raw, Joey Jihad, Reed Dollaz, Vodka, Cyserro, Tone Trump we got a movement going on in Philly and people need to shed light on what we doing.