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HipHopDX has an interesting interview with Gorilla Zoe.

In addition to an advancement of his rhyming abilities, Zoe also revealed to DX that he plans to switch it up slightly on Animals from his largely hood-oriented and club-centered subject matter.

“What I’ve learned…you ain’t gotta talk about the same s*** everyday,” he said. “You ain’t gotta go to McDonald’s everyday. Go to Burger King, man. You want burgers, switch up, man, go to Wendy’s. Give the folks a different flavor.”

“Humans are emotional creatures,” he continued. “Why would you play off [just] a couple emotions? You look at [Hip Hop now], every song gotta be about getting high, making some money, buying some cars, shopping, going to the club, popping some bottles, f******’ some b******, and doing it [all] again tomorrow. Every song ain’t gotta be like that. So definitely with this album I’m touching [on] a lot of different s***.”