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MTV News' Shaheem Reid has a pair of articles discussing T-Pain, the Auto-Tune effect, Diddy's new album and more. Read the articles for the full details, but here are the parts that I found to be the most interesting.

"Diddy actually gave me royalties on this album just for using Auto-Tune. He signed the contract and everything. If I can do that with Diddy, somebody else better be signing something. It's Diddy. He didn't have to involve me at all. ... I'm writing and producing on his album, and he gave me extra royalties on top of that for using something I just brought back." ...

"I gave him eight tracks," Pain said. "Eight songs. I don't how many he's gonna use, but I'll tell you how many I gave him. He's doing a little more singing. He's more like the Euro style. He's keeping it hip-hop but bringing some Euro in it. Very electronica."

Here's a clip of Pain talking about the royalties:

... before "Lollipop" and before T.I. had a singing hit with "Whatever You Like," Diddy surprised everyone in 2006 with his singing on the sleeper blockbuster "Last Night." Chairman Combs recently revealed to MTV News that his next record will be singing-heavy. ...

"At the end of the day, it's about hit records," Diddy said. "Whether he's singing on it, he's going to the left, he's going to the right, his base is energized. He's gotta energize his base on the hit records they already bought from him. You gotta hit them with hit records. A hit is a hit. If Kanye's 'Heartless' breaks through, it ain't because he's singing, not singing, it's a controversy with the Auto-Tune ó it's because it was a hit record."

Finally, here's Diddy and T-Pain in the studio with Diddy breaking it down for everyone.

It goes without saying that I cannot wait for the new Diddy record.