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Finally, we have some details on the soundtrack for "Notorious," the upcoming film about the life of The Notorious B.I.G., in theaters January 16.

According to Biggie's MySpace, the soundtrack will be released by Bad Boy Records on January 6. It will feature classic Biggie as well as new music from Jay-Z, Jadakiss and more. It will be the second movie soundtrack that Bad Boy has released, following 2003's "Bad Boys II: The Soundtrack."

However, the most exciting part is that the post mentions that it will include Biggie's demo. The full and official demo has long been sought after by Biggie fans and collectors and the premise of it being available, in full, CD quality audio, on a major label release, is a big deal. Previously, tracks have leaked online or on mixtapes that have claimed to have been from the demo, but they are generally in poor quality or include the DJ talking over them. Plus, it's uncertain as to if any or all of these were actually from the demo. So, this could be a great thing.

The question is: what tracks make up the demo? What demo is this? Is it the one that was sent to Matteo Capoluongo (a.k.a. Matty C.), then at The Source?

Regardless of the uncertainly, this is definitely exciting news and I've reached out to some people to see if I can find out more. Stay tuned.