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Brandweek has a feature on Diddy's work with Ciroc Vodka.

Back in 1958, Eisenhower was in the White House, a postage stamp cost three cents, the U.S. launched its first satellite and, coincidentally or no, Frank Sinatra released "Come Fly with Me." That was exactly 50 years ago, but now, in the era of Barack Obama, 42-cent stamps, iPhones and Web 2.0, the song is still as crisp and confident as a pressed collar. That, no doubt, is why the marketers at Diageo's vodka brand, Ciroc, have reached up to the classics shelf and pulled down a tune like thisóone so evocative of ice-cold martinis and suave bachelors. But, of course, they needed a stand-in for Ol' Blue Eyes (who's booked for eternity, of course), and they found it in music, fashion, fragrance, restaurant and entertainment mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs, whose presence smolders in "The Art of Celebration," the recent spot from Diddy's in-house marketing posse, Blue Flame.