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We pick up back at Bad Boy in the meeting with Danity Kane and Diddy. Shannon asks if there is any chance that Aubrey can stay. Diddy says no, he doesn't like her energy, the style or direction of where she's going and what she does to the brand by wilding out and being overly raunchy and promiscuous. Does Shannon want to go with her? He says that she can have some time to think, if she wants to stay in the group.

He turns to D. Woods and says that she doesn't seem happy. She says no, she doesn't think anyone has been happy for a while. He says, OK, she can go, too? Is he sure about that, she asks? Yes, he's positive, he says. She says it's been a pleasure working under him and she's respecting her since she was growing up and she's sorry it came to his decision. He says that she has said she's not happy. She says that she doesn't think anyone, maybe including him, has been happy with the way that Danity Kane has been going for a while. Diddy, at this point, backs up a bit and says that he doesn't want D. Woods to catch any of her reality.

He turns to Aundrea and mentions how she wanted to leave, she has a chance now. She doesn't say anything and he says she's here because Aubrey was a part of the problem for her. She then says that she feels there isn't a group without the 5 of them. He says he's going to let them think about that. But, there will be a Danity Kane. It's right here, Aundrea says. It's not there anymore, Diddy says, this is not the vision he had for it.

D. Woods says that God put this group together and it's God will to decide what will happen and whether He's speaking through Diddy or- Diddy stops her and says not to bring God into it because with their petty stuff, they are disrespecting God.

Diddy gets up and leaves at that point. Once he has left the room, D. Woods gets up and hugs everyone, bidding them a tearful farewell. Well, except for maybe Dawn. After she hugged Dawn, she said, "I just want to say I'm proud of you, Dawn, and I'm so happy that he believed in you enough to move on with you." She then left. And then she turned and walked away from her. After she is gone, Aubrey does the same thing (except for the Dawn part). We cut away with the three remaining girls in the room and Diddy in his office.

With those two gone, the three remaining members talk about what they are going to do. Aundrea and Shannon think Dawn needs to talk to Diddy and she wonders why it has to be her. They say Diddy respects her, but she has no idea why. Diddy comes up and says that he's sorry that they are crying but he needs them to come to his office to talk.

Diddy tells them that the situation he's in is messed up because he doesn't think it's the whole group. He's not trying to divide and conquer and try to put them in a tough position. He asks them how they want him to handle this, going forward.

Dawn says that they can't go back to nothing, this is their dream. It's not like they don't want to continue, it's that they've never thought about it without D. Woods and Aubrey. Diddy says that he understands and that's why they need to appreciate each other. He says that how they are feeling now and how they are tearful now, how they have this affection toward each other - that's not how they feel on a daily basis, because of the issues they have had with one another. So, they have to watch what they wish for.

He says that it's not fair to them and that Shannon and Dawn have been a pleasure to work with. He says that Aundrea is in the problem category, he's not going to lie. He's not trying to hurt her, he just wants to keep it real with her. The problems inside the group appeared to be related to 3 people in the group and that's looking from the outside in. So, that's why he's asked them to tell him what is going on, so that he can help. It's not about the money, he says, it's about success.

He says he's not trying to hurt anyone and he sat down with them to see what they were dealing with. In doing so, he saw the problem they were dealing with and he's not going to have that problem. Diddy says that he wants them to go back and pray on it and think about it and let him know what they think, moving forward. He's not walking away from them, he doesn't want them to be nervous like that. But, he is evaluating the situation and he's got to make a business decision about where this is going

But, they have to give him that info. They are holding the cards and they need to evaluate and pass the cards back. He's got the same problem they do, he says, when they leave here. He tells each of them that he's sorry it went down like this and hugs each member.

On the live portion of the show, Diddy came on live via satelite in Miami. He said that he is not the bad guy. Trust me, he says, he's not the bad guy. This is what the show is about, getting to the truth. He says the groups are like a family, but like a family, when you disrespect someone, you may have to leave the group.

Diddy said it wasn't that hard for him to take Aubrey out of the group because, the Aubrey that he signed, the young lady that he signed - it was a totally different person. He says that if you had a picture of her at the time and a picture now, it's a totally different person.

He says that, if the Aubrey he signed came back, he couldn't say what the future would be. But, with the Aubrey that is now, she is disrespectful and he doesn't want to work with that. Diddy showed his t-shirt, that had "I Heart Michelle Obama." It's clear he's still recovering and possibly in pain from his recent shoulder surgery and maybe that is why he's not on the MTV set live.

He says that the group has it's own issues and that is what led to this situation and he wants the girls that come on to tell the truth because at Bad Boy, they are about keeping it real and what happened on the show was exactly what happened. It's not to do with Puff, they have their own internal issues that are affecting the group.

He also said that he would have no problem working with D. Woods. The only thing is that she got caught up with the Aubrey stuff. He has no issues with Aubrey, either, it's just that he'd want to work with the Aubrey he signed, before she got affected by the fame.

MTV's Sway, the host of the live portion, asks Diddy if there is anything Aubrey and D. Woods can say to come back. He says that it's up to the group and it's for them to explain and fix.

Now, it's time for the remaining 3 members of Danity Kane to come out. Aundrea says she was shocked when it happened and still is. Sway says this is very real and Aundrea says it's their lives. Dawn says that this is their lives and it's a business and trust is one of the most important things. Once you start losing that, it affects the brand and your family. If you don't have trust, you don't have a common level to stand on.

Shannon says that they are a family and that's why she's surprised that it worked out like this. Sway says that Shannon has always seemed positive about the potential of the group, but how do Aundrea and Dawn feel about the potential? Aundrea says she doesn't have any words. But, Dawn says that she doesn't think people have seen what Danity Kane is capable of.

Sway mentions that D. Woods was invited, but declined due to a prior engagement. However, Aubrey is here and is brought out now. Aubrey says that she had some things she wanted to say, but she heard what Puff said and it "brought her back to the haters and the blog sites" that say she acts in a poor manner and she doesn't represent women. She said that, just before coming on, she left the building and was not going to come out on stage, but she came back because she wanted to set a good example. She wants to be real and if she has to be hated every day, so be it.

Sway says that, he appreciates that, but on the other side, you also have to be personal accountability for your actions. Does she have any regrets? No, she doesn't have any regrets. They have had struggles that they no one has seen and they have made it through that. Sway had to cut her off to go to commercial, but for some reason, she makes a point of yelling, standing up and bowing ... and then talking loudly about how she was going to leave and she was done and so on.

The subject now turns to whether or not Aubrey felt betrayed by the other girls. She says no, that they've always supported her. What about Diddy? Diddy has been watching to what she had to say and is now on the monitor. What would you like to say to Diddy? Sway says this is a golden opportunity. She says that she loves her shirt.

He says that her attitude is going to have her in a dark and lonely place. What she needs to do is humble herself. There are millions of people who would love to be in her spot. She needs to put the petty stuff aside and be accountable and the audience needs to tell her the truth. It's not to do with him. They have their own situations they have to work out. "But, let's stop fronting, let's keep it real, though." He ends by saying vote for Obama and Aubrey jumps on that and says that she hopes people vote for Obama, as well.

Watching this, I get the sense that Aubrey had a choice tonight and she made it. We'll see how it works out for her. Sway says that he really feels like there is going to be another season of Making the Band. Are they ready, he asks the girls? They feign frustration and laugh. And that's where it ends.