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These stories are unfortunate. In the upcoming issue of Essence, in stores tomorrow, Kim Porter speaks on her break up with Diddy and confirms that he had a child outside of their relationship, about 5 months before the twins were born. That means that it would have happened around October 2005. Kim and Diddy have been on and off again... were they on then? I don't know. But, if they were in a committed relationship at this time, obviously, it is what it is. It's a bad thing and there's no excusing it.

I wonder if is this going to be a continuing thing with Kim. Realistically, the reason that anyone who knows who she is, knows who she is, is because of her relationship with Diddy and her being the mother of his children. That's why magazines want to talk with her. So that she can dish, which will then sell magazines. She's done it. Now, will she use this association to stay in the spotlight? If what she says about them still being friends and all that is true, it wouldn't seem like this would happen and it definitely wouldn't continue to happen. But, we'll see.