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MTV News talked to Diddy about a number of subjects. First, on Lil' Kim:

"Yeah, it was good getting back with her," Diddy said Wednesday. "We got everything on point [with our friendship] right before she went to jail. When she got out, I was right on the phone with her and we were talking about doing something. We got history together, and it was only right that the first song she's done since she's been out was a joint I produced. She's on a big hit record. She's sounding good and strong. I'm a witness. I was in the studio with her. She ain't miss a beat. She wasn't rusty or nothing. She stepped it up and was even doing some singing too. Her bounce is classic and it's necessary. She definitely is the queen of the game."

Meanwhile, Diddy sounds a little skeptical on whether or not the Diddy/Snoop tour as planned.

Finally, when asked about Mase and Steve Rifkind and him hammering out a deal to get Mase to SRC, he said:

"That's definitely true," Diddy confirmed. "Me and Steve have been friends for a long time, and me and Mase have stayed in touch. I think his whole vibe would be a good look for the industry. I think it would be great to see if he could go to Steve Rifkin, especially with the success of what he's done with Akon."